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The baptism of infants has a long history in the Church’s celebration of the sacraments. For a Christian family, the passing on of the faith begins with the Baptism of the child. Baptism takes place within the community of the parish. It is the parish’s celebration of new life and the continuation of the faith.


St. Peter the Apostle Parish celebrates Baptism as a process that begins with your decision to bring your child to the Sacrament. In order that you may fully participate in the celebration of the Sacrament, you will be involved in each step of this process.


The Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated on the third Sunday of the month and begins around 12:15 pm (immediately following 11:30 am Mass). Families are encouraged to attend the 11:30 am Mass in prayerful preparation for the Baptism. Please call the Parish Center to discuss scheduling options and availability.


It is strongly recommended that parents review the baptism planning information before selecting a godparent. A sponsor verification form must be provided for each godparent. Christian witnesses are most welcome to celebrate with the family and community, but please note they are not recorded as sponsors on the Baptismal Certificate or in the Baptismal Register. The proper verification forms for St. Peter the Apostle are included with the baptism packet provided.


Click on the links below for planning resources for the celebration of Baptism or contact the parish center at 630-773-1272 (ext. 200) or

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