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The Pro-life Ministry organizes activities and provides the parish with information regarding the quality and preservation of life. Focus is placed on the Catholic Church’s position of a consistent ethic of life from conception to natural death.

For additional information, contact parish coordinator, Nancy Magnus by email at or by phone at 630-606-5197.

Additional Resources: 

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January 19-27

Day 1
Another Look at Abortion


Day 2
L.O.V.E Approach


Day 3
10 Ways to Support Her When She Is Unexpectedly Expecting (


Day 4
Poverty and Abortion: A Vicious Cycle


Day 5
How to Talk to a Friend Who’s Had an Abortion

Day 6
Accompanying Expectant Mothers Considering Adoption


Day 7
Evangelium vitae (The Gospel of Life)


Day 8
Priorities at the Polls


Day 9
How to Build a Culture of Life

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