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Protecting God's Children


Staff Contact: Toni Pietrowski 

Telephone: 630-773-1272 (ext. 216)



As mandated by the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), all parishes in the Joliet Diocese will enforce the policy that all people over 18 years of age must attend a Protecting God’s Children session and agree to a background check before being included in any event that has children in attendance. Those mandated are catechists, classroom aides, parents who help with children in formation sessions, door greeters, liturgical and music ministry members, etc. All parents are encouraged to attend a session as their children begin the RE program so they will be qualified to enter a classroom. Parents, as well as all parishioners, who have no plans to be in a classroom with children are encouraged to attend a PGC session to gain the tools necessary to keep all children safe. At present, there are no renewal requirements for those who have completed the program.Protecting God’s Children Sessions are 3 hours and consist of viewing videos and discussion time. Sessions are offered four times a year or when necessary.


Call or e-mail Toni Pietrowski in the RE Office for the next scheduled session.

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