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Welcome to Bis... Sixth Bishop of the Di

Saint Peter the Apostle Parish welcomes
new parishioners via Rite of Christian Initiation
of Adults and Children

On Saturday morning, September 12, our parish, through the power of the Holy Spirit,

welcomed into the Church.…

David Hosnedl

Evelyn Hosnedl

Jaimie Kim

Jessica Finn


Jeffrey Hosnedl


We joyfully welcome them into the Catholic Church and our parish family of Faith. Let us promise to continue to pray for them in their continued journey as disciples of Jesus the Christ within His Church.

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults and Children is the process through which persons inquire into and determine if they are called to live out their faith life as a member of the Roman Catholic Church. Please pray that more people of our area and neighborhoods will seek conversion to Christ and the commands of God through His Church, the Church that was commissioned by Christ to be

founded under Saint Peter and the Apostles

US bishops lead Eucharistic procession down looted, vandalized city center to pray for end to ‘violence…conflict’ 

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